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Walkman audio output trouble.

I have a Sears Roebuck model 564.21162250 Walkman. No sound from right channel.

Removed headphone jack. It’s fine. Checked a/c voltage for left and right channels. Both measured around 1.6 volts. That’s where my trouble shooting skills end.

For the record, I soldered a connection directly to the board with headphone jack removed. Same problem.

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Hi @jrcspnkr117,

Have you cleaned the tape pickup head you didn't say?

Being stereo there will be a pickup on the head for each channel.

Are you hearing a click or noise (very faint hissing sound) on the right channel at all even if there is no audio when a tape is playing?


No I haven’t. It does it with the radio as well though.



Still check for a hissing sound on the right channel when the radio selected.

If there it indicates a possible R channel audio input problem, if not there a possible R channel audio output problem

Is there a model number of the motherboard?


Only markings on the board is s1256, or sl 256. Can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a 1 or an l.

Thanks for responding. This website is so cool.



Are there any capacitors near to the headphone socket or the speaker i.e. away from the power supply side of the board?

With some audio circuits there are coupling capacitors on the L & R outputs that may go faulty.

Being an older device hopefully they're not smd type but the more usual cylindrical type and you can check if they at least look OK


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@jrcspnkr117 take a look on the bottom of it and see if it has the FCC-ID number AFA9X921162. If so, then Sears Roebuck really didn't build it but it was made by Sanyo :-) Should have been made somewhere in the beginning of 1983 (awesome year). Anyhow, this sounds like an audio IC issue. Post some really good pictures of your circuit board with your QUESTION. That way we can see what you see and hopefully we can identify what is going on. Also, a couple of pictures from the outside to see what it looks like may help us to properly identify this unit better. Ajout d'images à une question existante

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Yes that is the FCC number. Still trying to figure out how to upload a photo. I’m using an IPad and I’m not seeing the drop down menu. Looked up three of the Ic’s. The AN7223 seems to be an am/fm amplifier, the LA3361 is a stereo demodulator, and M51521L was just listed as an integrated circuit. Is that the audio ic? There is a 4th ic that I can’t read because of how it is situated on the board. Can remove it if necessary.

By the way thanks for responding.


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