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The Town & Country was redesigned for the 2001 model-year, using the Chrysler RS platform and initially only available in long-wheelbase (LWB) form.

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2000 Chrysler town and country lx flickering issues

I'm having flickering issues headlights as well dash lights to have blown two sets of headlights in the last six months I was just driving down the road and it got black and I said ok let's try high beams nope blew them as well few mins one seems to have an answer to any of my problem I'm stuck between a electrical issue , bad fuse/relay somewhere , bad ignition switch ,bad cluster ,or tipm or one of the control modules going bad she is 22 yrs old. Love my van so much she's never failed me she has bad days and good days. So far I'm currently looking into relay #13 interior fuse box location it went haywire the other day on me so I took it out...lost all guages and int lights not sure what else.. anyone had any success in this or did you just give up because I just can't give up I'm determined to figure it out..I've been wondering about the negative wire since I bought the van a little over a yr ago...someone please help 😔🤔 changed batteries alternator and re done the positive wire along with the fuse that's connected to it needless to say that's been doing great so far. Idk where else to turn granted this only happens sometimes but now it's more often than it's ever been.just for those wondering This is pertaining to a 2000 Chrysler town and country lx it won't give me the option for my year so had to pick one. Has 232,200 on it. I'm lost for words

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Hi @heather1994

Check that the voltage from the alternator/voltage regulator is stable and not fluctuating.

To do this, put the transmission in park (AT) or neutral (MT), firmly apply the parking brake and start the engine.

Connect a voltmeter across the battery terminals and measure the voltage there.

It should read between 13.8V -14.5V DC.

have someone rev the engine (up to 2500rpm) for 30 seconds and make sure that the voltage remains within the limits above during this time

If it fluctuates outside these limits there's a problem with the voltage regulator or the alternator.

Be safety aware when working in the engine bay when the engine is running!

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