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Fourth generation wireless keyboard made by Apple. Released in October 2015. Model A1644.

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Machining custom keycaps for that stunning silver/black color

I love the portability of the normal size Magic Keyboard, but I also love the silver/black color.
Apple broke my hope, that they would ever sell a silver/black normal size, when they introduced the silver/black color for the Magic Keyboard, but only for the one with the numpad.
Companies like colorware offer painting your devices but they also paint the aluminium.
So in my desperation I thought of turning my boring silver Magic Keyboard (3 without Touch ID) into a stunning one of a kind silver/black one.

I have a 3D printer and a CNC.
Is it possible to make my own keycaps?

How could I get CAD data for the keycaps and testfit them, preferably without tearing my Magic Keyboard apart?

I know it is an odd question but maybe somebody knows.

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We don’t normally dive into this level of mod’ing.

Sadly, it’s not that simple. 3D printing of the key caps requires molding of the softened Delrin sheet with a press as they are very thin.

Frankly, why don’t you just order them from a parts house like TheBookYard - UK they should be able to help you.

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Hi Dan,

the recaps I want don't exist, parts houses like the one above rarely even have 3rd gen keycaps (rounded corners) and the 3rd gen Magic Keyboard with Numpad (aviable in silver/black) has bigger arrow keys Touch ID and the rounded keys are on the numpad


@simontt - A very heavy expense to scan the key caps physically, create the needed CAD/CAM drawings of the parts, then getting a mold maker to help you create the needed molds. Getting the needed equipment and plastic and lots of test runs!

And no there is nothing to help you on this endeavor Apple doesn’t offer their CAD/CAM data.


I don’t want to go into serial production and I thought I could eyeball the design and test it until I get it right.

I want to create a one of a kind keyboard.

I tough of buying a broken keyboard (spacegrey or silver/black) so I can test without risking anything valuable and get most black keycaps so I only have to make the esc; lock; Fn; and arrow keys.

I thought I would create a oversized billet with a 3D printer and then precisely machine it down to size.

Not sure if it is possible, that’s why I am asking here first.


@simontt - As I stated, this is beyond what we support here. Our focus is repair, not a whole sale mod which is what you are attempting.

We really can’t offer you more as we just don’t go to this depth. I’ve laid out what’s involved at one point worked in hardware manufacturing so I could aim you that’s all I can do.

I wish you luck


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