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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,4 GHz), 2,5 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,7 GHz), ou 2,8 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 4,0 GHz) avec 6Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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Video only responsive when plugged into external monitor

When the laptop boots without external display, it is completely responsive for about 2-6 seconds on the login screen, and then the display completely freezes (not black, freezes). Brightness controls still work, and certain keys do produce an error noise from the speakers when held, which leads me to believe that the computer itself is still functioning behind the frozen display.

When booting with an external monitor, the laptop works perfectly and mirrors the external display on the internal display perfectly, but will freeze within the same 2-6 second time frame after being unplugged from HDMI. Plugging the HDMI in after this freeze does not fix the issue.

Safe mode (holding Shift on startup) DOES NOT exhibit the same behavior, everything works as expected with no issues at all in safe mode, even when not plugged into an external monitor.

Any advice on what to do here is greatly appreciated.

Troubleshooting steps taken (all failed to change behavior):

  • Turning off FileVault
  • Reset SMC
  • Reset NVRAM/PRAM
  • OS reinstall (Catalina)
  • Factory reset
  • OS upgrade (Monterrey)
  • New user admin account
  • Disk Utility first aid
  • GSX2 MRI diagnostics (came back with 0 issues found)
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@sville2000 both the internal and external monitor freeze up on you?


Nope, just internal. Works perfectly when using external monitor. It only freezes when the only screen in use is the internal.


@sville2000 thank you for clarifying that for me. The internal display works normal is safe mode?


@oldturkey03 That's correct, in safe mode, the internal display works 100% as expected


@sville2000 just one more question for my own research. With an external monitor attached, the internal monitor works normal at all times and in all modes?


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Ouch! The T-CON board within the display assembly has failed or has corrosion damage. Sadly it’s part of the display assembly and not really replaceable on its own. If it’s corrosion you might be able to fix it.

Otherwise it’s time for a new display assembly which are getting hard to find in good shape.

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@danj that's unfortunate, is it possible to only use it as a desktop since it works with external still? Could I disconnect the battery and have it run exclusively off the wall to prevent the battery from blowing up?


Also, sorry for all the questions, but if this is a hardware fault with the display assembly, why does it function perfectly in safe mode?


@sville2000 - If the system works with the external display then we know it’s not the GPU logic. Depending on the version you have you could have an IG model which only has the intergraded Intel CPU graphics services or a DG model which has the addition of a discrete AMD GPU. So that focuses the issue within the internal displays logic.

Safe Mode is a wacky state! As it uses the internal firmware graphics driver which is similar to the Intel IG driver within the OS. But unlike it it runs the display at a lower frequency. That’s why I also pointed to a corrosion possibility. As the logic with controls the clocking is messed up.

OK, so using it as a quasi desktop setup: Sure that works! But you can’t amputate the battery or display from the system as all you’ll do is mess up the systems SMC logic.


Sorry, @danj, one final question!

Would it be possible to configure normal boot to use the same display driver as used by safe mode? I know it's a band-aid solution, but it beats shelling out for a whole new display.


@sville2000 - your only option is running in Safe Mode. The driver is within the systems boot firmware and not available under the full OS. But that still doesn’t address the killer in the room! If your system has corrosion damage it’s possible it will continue. I really think you need someone with deeper Mac repair skills to look at your system as you may only need a minor repair.

So why do I think this is corrosion damage? With COVID I saw quite a few systems with a similar problem which was caused by people wiping down their systems. Here people would spray the display so the cleaner would drip down and into the gap at the bottom of the screen getting the T-CON logic board wet. Over time with multiple wipe downs the liquid would eat away the solder and copper traces.


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