Why does my monitor randomly turn off during gaming sessions?

so, I have a pre built gaming pc. its a HP Pavillion. my monitor randomly shuts off mid game. like yesterday, i was playing roblox and it shut off but my pc was still on. then my pc makes a buzzing/static noise through my headphones, kinda like it blue screens, however my pc stayed on. the only way of fixing the issue is forcing it to shut down by holding down the power button. when it turns back on, it acts as if nothing ever happened. does anyone know the cause of this? i treat my pc like its my baby. i clean it, make sure it has enough air flow, and everything else. it isnt too full either, i have a lot of storage not being used. below, i attatched a youtube link to a video i made about the noise. PLEASE HELP!!!


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Hi @lizagamesonyt,

What is the model number of the PC?

Check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that are logged at the time that the display signal is lost to see if there is any info there that may give an idea whats happening.

Does this only occur when gaming?

Have you checked that the video drivers and sound drivers are all up to date?


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