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3rd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple in October 2018. Models A1876, A2014, and A1895.

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Apple Pencil Charging Dock

Does anyone know where to get the charging dock for the pencil on the iPad Pro 12.9 3rd gen? It's shown on the teardown video right after the battery is taken out but I can't seem to find the part or the proper name for it.

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There's a better look at it in the teardown for the iPad Pro 11" First Gen.

Unfortunately, I have not ever seen this part for sale, and based on the teardown, it seems like it's probably not the easiest to get at if you're looking to replace it. You might have an easier time finding a whole housing with the charge board still intact, although those are not as easy to come by as iPhone housings either. Neither of my usual non-iFixit parts sources carry either the charge board, or a housing. Although I will mention, I have seen screenless (iCloud locked) iPads at eBay for not a whole ton of money.

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Thanks for your answer! I've managed to find the part around a few sites. However they come without the charging coil on top. Based off what I've seen in the 11" teardown I do not want to be touching it myself. Rather let the experts (and my savings) handle this one... sigh*


@amielterence I don't blame you. iPads are not really designed with repair in mind. As you can see from the teardown.

Are you sure the issue you're facing requires this part to be replaced? It's pretty rare in my experience.


@flannelist I’m honestly not too sure if that’s even the problem. The iPad is being shipped to the repair centre for proper diagnosis. So my existing pencil wasn’t charging or connecting to the iPad, but it was being recognised. I then bought a new pencil and had the same problem. Weirdly though, I tried charging my old pencil on one of the iPads in store and it too didn’t want to charge. So I really don’t know what it could be. It could be both, but I find it odd that they both stopped working at the exact same time.


@amielterence It could be both, although I agree it would be odd for them to both stop working at the same time. I have seen pencils do that before when batteries get depleted or die, detect but not charge or pair. Keeping my fingers crossed for an inexpensive fix.


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Sorry, the pencil charging coil part is not a common part to fail. Best to find your way to an Apple Store.

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Thank you for the answer. I have found the part in a few sites, but not the entire part from what I've seen in the video. Can be seen here,

But if you look carefully in the teardown video, there's a little part on top of the flex cable that will be a mission to find. I live in South Africa and our Apple situation is a bit weird, we have a third-party premium reseller handling Southern Africa on behalf of Apple. But the result is increased prices, longer wait times, always a bit behind on the knowledge front. I've handed the device to them and awaiting a full hardware diagnostic report and repair quote. Hopefully it's an easy fix.


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