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The HP Pavilion w2216h is a widescreen 21.6-inch 1680x1050 LCD Monitor.

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How to make 2560x1600 resolution work on HP lp3065 monitor?

Got an used HP LP3065 30” monitor from OfferUp, it looks OK. However, I can only get resolution of 1280x800, but it supposed to have 2560x1600 setup, here is what I did:

1. Use mini display to dvi cable connecting my laptop with the monitor, it shows 1280x800 only, no other option can be chosen.

2. Use Apple dual link dvi adaptor for this connection (which has a separate usb cable, and is used to connect my 30” apple Cinema Display with my laptop), the 2560x1600 resolution option shows up, but cursor stays at 1280x800, if I select that “2560x1600” resolution, there is nothing shows up on monitor at all (I can see some lights on the screen, but just no image shows up).

3. Use dvi to dvi cable connecting my Mac Pro desktop with this monitor, it has the same symptom (no image shows up on screen)

Does anyone know how to make the 2560x1600 setup on this monitor correctly?

Many thanks!

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Hi @lovecd,

You are correct in that you need to use dual link dvi-d to get 2560 x 1600 resolution

Are this and this (or similar) what you're using to connect to the monitor?

Don't know about Mac but with Windows you may also need to have the correct .INF and .ICM files loaded in the PC.

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Yes, I’m using the the dual link connections similar to what you referred. I will see if I can install those two driver files here. Many thanks.



Do the GPUs in your computers support the 2560 resolution I forgot to ask?


@jayeff yes, it works with my other monitors (4K model) without any issues.


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