Why my pc shut down while playing game after around 1 or half hour

I have a gaming pc.When i play games like valo or csgo for half or 1 hour, it shuts down automatically but the motherboard light ( rgb logo) keeps on then i plug off and on again.Then i placed a table fan in front of it and then it doesn't shut down after long gaming . I read article and i found it may be of overheating or psu problem but my psu power is way enough and my pc components are not so premium that they need water cooling .Now I am confuse what to do

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What is the make and model number of the motherboard?

Have you checked that the case fan and the CPU fan are working OK?

Have you checked the fan settings in BIOS to see if there is an option to set the fan in "gaming" mode etc?

If the PC is <5 years old the CPU thermal paste might need refreshing


Thanks for reviewing post, jayeff

Motherboard-GIGABYTE B450 AORUS Elite ATX Motherboard DDR4

It has one case fan one at behind in working condition. And cpu fan also working.

I custom build it in 2020 and also checked for thermal paste.


@Aryan Gothwal

Has the GPU card (if there is one) got a fan?

Check that the PSU fan is working as well.

Also check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or warning events that may be logged at the same time as the PC shuts down.

To get to Event Viewer, press the Win key + x key (both together) and click on the link.

If there are events listed use the Event ID # and Source and search online what causes them


@jayeff thanks i will definitely look after that.


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