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Problems with jack input on MacBook Pro 2015 15"

When i plug apple Earpods into the jack input of my MacBook they work only as headphones, mic doesn't work! I've tested them with another MacBook - they work, everything is ok. Why there is this problem and how i can try to solve it? Thanks!
Best, Marco

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Mmm… as long as the headphone plug and cable are not damaged, then the issue is within the logic board socket assembly. Apple uses its own design so you’ll need to find a junker with a good socket. Replacing the logic board is the very last option.

As to what went wrong there are two switches within the socket which the signals from the internal speaker/mic to the external ones. Here’s a deeper write up Understanding Audio Jack Switches and Schematics.

Sometimes you can use a toothpick to re-align the blades if twisted, I haven’t found this works in this series but worth a try

I think you might want to find a USB DAC unit which will by-pass the socket issue. Or just use a Bluetooth headphones/buds.

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