Why are the rear wheels tilt in at the bottom?

I purchased a 1984 W123, and began the usual 75% restore on the car, I am not looking for showroom condition but the new paint and matching hubcaps with white walls will give it a classic look.

Anyway I have sunk lots of time and cash into every part of this car as I get it ready for paint, my only issue is is that this car is all stock, down to the original shocks and springs yet the rear wheels are toe in looking from the rear of the car, I thought new Bilstein would solve the problem but when I lowered the car after the install, the rear wheels still tilted inward.

Is the problem the lower trailing arm bushings? Strange that both would wear out and tilt at the same angle. Oh and the chassis has over 176k on it so if it is these bushings, I would not be surprised.

I just need someone to tell me, springs?, bushings?, I am puzzled.

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