Help with beater bar electrical testing

Hi all! I have my parent’s DC45 Animal Stick that I have torn apart. I can only find DC44 Animal info-but it is a little confusing (different pictures of the SAME models!! I am familiar with Dysons as I’ve torn down a couple of sticks and an upright and repaired them, so I have some familiarity with them. On this one, the beater bar keeps stopping intermittently (the vacuum keeps running without pausing) and there’s lots of suction. I have meticulously cleaned every possible thing I can (including removal of the small screw and beater bar driver and removing every single bit of hair & dirt.) I have cleaned every contact with alcohol. I have removed the Battery (Type B screw-in). I have taken the end cover off the motor (above the trigger). Now…..can anyone explain to me (accompanying pictures would be VERY HELPFUL if possible!!) how to test the battery, the vacuum motor, and the brush motor with the multimeter to determine exactly where the problem lies. I don’t know anything about polarity etc, but DO have a multimeter, and can get some help operating it, but I need to know where to put the leads, and what numbers I have to look for, etc. ANY HELP would be VERY appreciated! Thanks! Patti

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