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Le smartphone standard 2021 d’Apple. Commercialisé le 24 septembre, l’iPhone 13 est muni d’un écran OLED de 6,1", d’une caméra double de 12 MP et existe en cinq couleurs. Il succède à l’iPhone 12.

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Screen Replacement + no service

Have been doing phone repairs for 2-3 years now and never had much of a problem changing out screens or even housings. Recently did an iPhone 13. Completed everything gave it to the client and everything worked. About a week later he brings me the phone back and has no data available. He can make phone calls and send text messages, but can’t use iMessage or access the internet. What could be causing this? Thanks

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hello Preston,

you need to move on to the next stage of learning, which is the level of microelectronics and motherboard. In this case, a lot depends on the cause of the original fault (the reason for replacing the screen - probably a fall). You need to check the operation of the motherboard components - in this case the WiFi&BT chip. Probably, the fragile connection broke during the fall and makes itself felt. You need to remove the motherboard and check the connection of the interposer to both parts of the motherboard. Soldering awaits you (fortunately at a very low level).

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