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How to change the screen?

My Wacom dth1320 screen is cracked but still working. How can I change the screen.

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@shafy you have to disassemble your Wacom tablet from the back to replace the LCD. Use something like this disassembly to get to the LCD. The actual removal is not on that but once the motherboard is removed it will become self-evident. OR you could use something like this video Not the greatest quality but useful, nevertheless.

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While the question was asked a long time ago, there are many other people looking for this online so I'm going to add more details on screen replacement:

The "easy" way is:

  • Purchase a whole assembly, that is: front glass, screen itself, the plastic underneath, rubberized beziel and power board (with the power button). All of those elements are glued together.
  • Follow the disassembly guide.

Finding this assembly is very hard, and you probably will have more luck buying a broken one in different way, then swapping the parts.

If you want the hard way, that is replacing only screen underneath the glass, or glass only, prepare for the following:

  • Removing the plastic part with rubberized beziel, it is glued to the front glass around the perimeter of it.
  • Removing the LCD panel - it's glued to the touch digitizer panel, that is then glued to the front glass. If you separate the layers of the touch digitizer, it's game over for the touch functionality.
  • If you want to replace only glass, then also you need to remove the glued touch digitizer, again, without separating it's layers
  • Swapping the LCD is going to be difficult as this is not an of-the-shelf LCD panel, and it has the pen digitizer inside of it (under the light diffusor, but over the structural metal skeleton). Plus the connector is on the top, and most 13" inch LCD panels have it on the bottom.
  • Flex cables of the digitizer are very fragile, and there is a lot of sharp aluminium corners just waiting to cut it and ruin your day
  • After somehow managing to get the right LCD panel, or creating this digitizer and LCD hybrid abomination yourself, you have to glue it back to the glass, or rather the touch digitizer, then the beziel too.

The hard way is a nice hobby project but not something that is feasible to be offered as an repair service or to repair a tool that likely is used professionally by an artist.

I'm currently half-way in the process of the hard way. Here's how the tablet looks like without the LCD, for the curious ones (like me):

Block Image

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