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How to take apart and repair the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01.

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How to get rid of something inside lens/sensor?

Mark, visible on screen and on pictures, approx 3mm long X 1mm wide.

Could be something inside lens or infront of sensor. It does vary in size and sharpness depending on zoom & focus set.

If I follow disassembly instructions , where is the object likely to be and can I get to it to clean?

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To remove the dust, you need to remove the lens and take it apart in a cleanroom. This will involve removing the sensor and cleaning both the sensor and lens, and then inspecting the lens for dust that is further in there, to the point you will have to take the whole lens apart and clean each dirty element. The use of a cleanroom is essential, since taking it apart anywhere else is likely to make the problem worse.

Generally speaking, if there is visible dust it is usually on the sensor or right in front of it. If the dust is somewhere else, it isn't as likely to affect the image but can stil do so if it is big enough.

To remove the lens assembly from the camera, use this guide to do it: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01 Lens Assembly Replacement

For additional reference, here is the service manual

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I had the same problems with my dmc tz35 camera, 2 months after I had bought it.

First I tried to open the camera but stopped as the description I had did not match to my camera. Finally I took the vacuüm cleaner and put it on the lens especially at the interfaces of the zoomlens. in the technology age it is the easiest way and for me succesfull way to remove the dust from my lens.

My advice is therefor use the vacuumcleaner first before you start to dismantle the camera.

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here is a good how to video

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