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odd home button speaker interaction

i have an iphone 7+ (call it phone A) that works great, but the back housing is badly scratched and scuffed and the camera glass is broken that i want to rehab for sale. seems like a simple operation, just pull the rear cam, mobo and battery and put it into a good back housing.

so i have another iphone 7+, no display, no mobo but the back housing is in perfect shape. let's call this phone B. so i put the mobo, rear cam, battery and taptic (just for good measure) from A into the back housing of B. i connect the display and to go power it up and test it. everything seems good except whenever i tap the home button i hear a squelch/squeak, then either a blip or a short burst of static, kind of like a walkie-talkie from the 70's every time you push the talk button.

i'm first thinking of swapping the larger speaker assembly, but if that doesn't work then my only remaining conclusion is installing a new charging flex assembly. although they're not expensive, they're a bit of a PITA to install (getting the motherboard connector to line up just right is the worst part). but if it comes that i'll do it.

one more thing.... the home button and touch ID work fine, but there is no taptic feedback when i push the home button.

so have i missed anything in my diagnosis or analysis?

anything i should look at or be concerned about?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi B C,

When you run into multiple problems all at once, the first thing to do is to look for anything they have in common. You've already identified what your issues have in common, and that's the lightning connector assembly. The speaker connection runs through it as does the taptic engine connection.

I have heard rumors that some of the older phones line 7's and 8's may not have full taptic feedback functionality unless data is copied in the same fashion as is done for True Tone, but that doesn't seem to be the case here, as the basic functions like button press feedback should still be working. In addition, you used the original taptic engine, so that pretty much rules out that possibility as to the cause.

So yeah, you might as well try replacing the speaker, but I'd suggest you're almost certainly looking at having to replace the lightning connector assembly. Although you should theoretically be able to salvage the original one from phone A, if it was me I'd just spring for a new replacement; as you said, they're pretty cheap to buy. But you can be reasonably sure that the assembly from phone A is working since it was when you took it apart. I've run into the same situation where I figured the lightning connector on the replacement housing should be good, but it turned out not to work and I had to replace it.

Good luck; let us know what you find!

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Hi Jerry,

just making sure i was covering all bases.

yes, i'm thinking charger flex cable as well, thanks for the confirmation.

in general, i don't recycle those, too much to go wrong when removing them, then they're bent out of shape and an even more PITA to put them back. and yes, they are cheap enough just to go new. plus i'm planning on keeping the grungy housing from A for charging batteries and testing motherboards, so a known good charger flex is gold.

and as i plan to sell this phone if it rehabs well, i really don't want a recycled flex in there if i can help it.

now i just need to order one as i don't think i have any 7+ charger flexes laying around (i don't run a shop so i keep my inventory pretty lean). i think i might have a bent housing i can try it's flex just to doubly confirm.

thanks again.


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Just swap the charge flex as well. Heat up the back housing to soften the adhesive. Pry the microphones away gently and all will be good. As for lining up the connector. Connect it to the motherboard first before fitting the rest. As long as you go carefully nothing will get bent out of shape.

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good tips. thank you


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