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Informations sur le démontage et la réparation du smartphone Android phare de Samsung, le S20, sorti en mars 2020.

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Will this USB-c charge port work with a TMobile S20?

Will this product work for a TMobile/sprint S20?

Item # IF437-037-2

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G (USA) USB-C Charge Port - Genuine

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Joy, you'll need to check the model number of your S20.

If it's SM-G981U then yeah, that's the right one, but if it's SM-G981V you'll want the other one, item # IF437-038-2.

Given that the SM-G981V is basically a Verizon phone, you've probably got the right choice already, but verify the model number to be sure.

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It hasn't mattered as much since the S8 when they began to stop trying to make the "Sprint P" phone different due to the CDMA dependencies. The S7 was the last "nightmare" phone IIRC.


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For quite a few years, it honestly doesn't matter with Samsung as long as you make sure the part will work. You have the old "freakshow" phones like the S5 and the older pre-merger Sprint phones* where there are legitimate board differences that caused cross-compatibility problems because of the CDMA-heavy network Sprint was known for since they were heavily modified. With some of those phones, you couldn't use an AT&T/T-Mobile screen on them (or reuse a Sprint screen on a "GSM" phone) because of the discreet CDMA hardware Sprint had! In addition on the S6 and S7, that nuked your screen choice as well as the USB board was under the screen so it couldn't be done piecemeal.
*A lot of these got taken out by the T-Mobile Sprint network spectrum bridging and shutdown :-). GOOD RIDDANCE.

However, once we got to the S7 and up on the GSM side (Sprint phones used as donors still had red flags to check against until they built up a small 5G footprint before the merger), the phones became nearly identical inside. Outside of the carrier lock/factory unlock status (or lack thereof, until somewhat recently with Verizon), the KNOX and boot ROM signatures, and the unique carrier ROM it required due to the bootloaders being permanently locked (even the 1U Snapdragon, which are factory unlocked) there are ZERO internal differences nowadays, even the U1 MNVO locked phones. Samsung BTOs the same phone and applies different firmware between the carriers, the U1's for MNVOs and the 1U unlocked phones.

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