W123 230e not starting (no fuel, but ignition works) what can I do?

It's been 18 years since my dad left his mercedes in the garage. I'm trying to get it to start but it won't. Starter works, ignition too but there's no fuel coming to the motor. I don't know what to check first wheter it's the relay's fault or the pump itself. Or maybe is it something else if you could enlighten me.

this vehicule is equiped with LPG installation, maybe it can help .

Other issues are the wheels are stuck and the trunk won't open.

thanks for answering !

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LPG? Liquified petroleum gas as in BBQ propane gas? If so then your vehicle was a major modification to switch from gas or diesel to propane use. There may be a switch to manually disable the fuel pump, pump disabled from pump relay removal or pump wiring disconnected permanently. Perhaps searching for documentation, receipts of repairs or where the conversion was made may help diagnose whether this vehicle was permanently converted to propane use or has the ability to switch between fuel. Did you try connecting a propane tank or refilling the on-board tank and trying another start? CAUTION! Unfamiliarity with dual fuel use can be hazardous when switching from one to the other.


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