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Some keys are not working

Recently I found out that some of the keys are not working,any solutions?

Known not-working keys:









I am using an Inspiron 500m(I ask here because it looks the same with 600m but without the shortcut keys near the power switch,they also use the same keyboard).

I also reinstalled Windows (Not using the restore CD)

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Did you get the Dell drivers for your machine?


I had the same problem. Keys on left side were unresponsive. This SOLUTION worked: shut down the laptop. Pull out the battery. Wait a minute. Insert battery. Hold down power button as it starts for 10 seconds. Then release power button and let it finish starting up. All my keys worked properly after that.


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Judging from the descriptions of your symptoms, it is most likely not a software issue at all. It may be a hardware issue!

All modern keyboards are multiplexed. What this means is that the keys are wired in a way that only one can be read at a time, at a very rapid rate. This allows the manufactures to use less wiring, or traces in the keyboard assembly. Unfortunately for you if one of the traces are broken, many keys at one time fail. Depending on the proprietary configuration of the keyboards internal wiring, any given set of keys could cease functioning.

The only solution is to replace the keyboard assembly. However there is good news. Laptop keyboard assemblies rarely exceed $20 USD in cost on online auction sites. Use the service manual oldturkey03 linked you to in order to do a quality job.

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The shipping fees for my conutry are expensive,but I think could get a replacement keyboard.


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Honam 1021, I would start off with a Driver update. You can check the ones on here. If that does not help, you might need to replace the keyboard. It is not a bad task and the service manual is available right here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Since you actually have a 500m your drivers are here and the service manual is here. That is why it is important that you give the proper device. This way we do not give you the wrong information.


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