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My freezer door opens by its self and then alarm goes off

My GE Profile French door refrigerator bottoms freezer door opens frequently by it’s self enough that your can see the freezer light on and then alarm will sound.

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Hi @pattigreen75200

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

Check that the refrigerator is level in both directions i.e. front to back and side to side. If you haven't got a spirit level, place a clear bowl half full of water on the shelf and look at the water level to see if it slopes in one direction or the other in relation to the bowl. The water will always be level. It is the bowl that will slope indicating whether the fridge is level in both directions or not. Adjust the feet and when the water line appears straight and parallel when compared to the rim of the bowl, then the fridge is level

Check that the rubber? door seal is OK and not buckled, twisted etc preventing the door from closing properly. Check all around the door to make sure.

Make sure that any shelves etc are not preventing the door from closing fully. Also try not to place heavy items in the door shelves as this can prevent the door from fully closing if it is not exactly level.

You could try raising the front of the refrigerator (most have adjustable feet) so that the refrigerator slopes slightly from front to back and see if this helps to keep the door closed. For example raise it evenly far enough at the front - make sure that it is still level from side to side - so that the door will close itself automatically from say the 3/4 open position when you let it go. I had to do this for my elderly mother who kept on forgetting to shut the door. The manufacturer states to make sure that it is level for correct operation but raising it slightly at the front hasn't seemed to affect anything and at least the door is now closed when it should be.

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