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Mi-2006 / numéro de modèle A1181 / coque noire ou blanche / processeur Intel Core Duo de 1.83 ou 2.0 GHz.

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Why is my MacBook freezeing up when I run my browser?

I bought a used refurbished macbook from gainsaver.I open my borwser and i begin useing it, then all of a sudden it freezes and the only thing that works is the cursor. I have to turn it off and on in order to get it to work again. I thought it may of been a glitch with saffari so i downloaded google chrome instead. same thing happens. Please help I love my new macbook but i hate this problem

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Run AHT on it if you have it. If not I would return it to Gainsaver and spend the $25 for full diagnostics next time.

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i did get the diagnostic check. i did a verify disk, verify disk permissions and repair disk permissions on disk utility plus a software update and its been working fine. Hopefully it stays like this.


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