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Released in 2009 and also know as the T-Mobile Tap, the u7519 is a basic mid-range touchscreen phone.

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Cara buka NCK code / How to open the NCK code

Cara buka code NCK huawei u7519

Google translate:

How to open the NCK code

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@dinbroden if you want to "open" it use these guides Huawei U7519

If you mean to ask, how to unlock this phone, you need to check instructions from here or use one of the many pay-for-service places advertised online.

Now, if you mean something different, give us more information.

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Hold up... This is a 2G phone, maybe 3G. No bueno in the US/Canada and most countries.


@nick yep, fully aware of this for the US etc.. But until we know what the real question is, we'll have to wait. Let's see what the OP is actually after.

There are still plenty of Countries that have 3G and yes, even 2G. Check on here for a pretty comprehensive list.


@nick I don't think that is quite the way it works, but I will leave that one alone.


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