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Repair your UH71009 Elite Rewind Hoover vacuum with a part replacement guide.

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Why did my vacuum just shut off will not turn on

Yes, you can. My vacuum just shut off and it will not turn on even plugged in.

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Hi @charlesgodin

Was the vacuum overheated?

There is a thermal cutoff switch in the motor that if the motor overheats, it operates and shuts it down until it has cooled. It should then start again OK

If it wasn't overheating, do you have a DMM (digital multimeter)?

If so, initially you may have to open the vacuum cleaner up and with the power disconnected, use the Ohmmeter to make sure that the wires in the power cord are all OK from plug to the machine (fractured cord?) and then if they're OK check that the on/off switch works OK electrically.

After that further testing would be required to know what's happening

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