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How do I open the body of my Vankyo projector?

I dropped my Vankyo Leisure 470 projector onto its lens. It seems like it knocked the lens out of its focus track. It is angled back into the body and the focus no longer spins. It seems like if I could get the body open, I could pop it back into place, but I can’t seem to get in. I’ve unscrewed every screw from the bottom, and the back left corner has some give, but the others aren’t budging. What do I try next?

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Hi @bethany8026

There's a hidden screw on the bottom under a sticker and there are also screws under the feet.

Here's a video that may help.

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Thank you, I got it open! I’d missed the screws under the feet.


How do I work the projector I bought it at a pawn shop could you please help me


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Hi @lorettamiller

Here's the user manual that may help

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