Rear camera not focusing after back glass replacement

I replaced the back glass on my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It went smoothly with no issues.

Now the 1X lens and 2.5x lens will not focus at all and it cannot pickup QR codes. Only the 0.5X super wide lens can.

I have been seeing similar issues with LiDAR sensor replacements being suggested and then how Apple have this certain software to recalibrate the cameras etc?

I took the cameras out to check for broken glass which I cleaned out, put them back in and reassembled and the phone and it still isn’t working.

The 3D scanning apps are not sensing anything so could this be the LiDAR sensor causing all of these issues?


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did you use laser or hot air


Hot air, with a pry tool and the push pen thingy which cracks the glass to help remove it.


@chandler7259299 could depend on what temp you used, i do it the same way with 220c and have had no issues so far


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