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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du smartphone Android Nokia G22, sorti pour la première fois en mars 2023. Identifié par les numéros de modèle TA-1516 ou TA-1528.

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My Nokia G22 is not booting


I forgot to charge my phone last night so I went to work and the my phone died at 3% battery. Not a big deal and nothing was suspicious - the phone was working fine. So I plugged in the charger that I have used before (at least 20 times) but I didn't power it up. So some time passed and I went to check my phone and the phone didn't respond at all. I tried other chargers and sockets and stuff - nothing. Interesting thing is that when I plugged it to the laptop's USB I can hear the Window's sound of connected USB device but nothing happened - because the phone is turned off. I tried to hold the power button and also power+volume up/down kombo.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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I am experiencing similar issue. Brand new phone and it is not booting now. I am curious what could happened. Is it a battery? Has anyone returned it under warranty? What was the reason of the issue?


Yesterday I left it at the shop and I'm waiting for answer.


Hi, Did you get any feedback from the store? Thank you in advance. Best Regards


@marcinsielski Today I visit the store and they didn't knew anything. Everything they know (and I) is that my phone is at the authorized repair center.


I just got another brand new Nokia G22 from the store/repair facility. They didn't share any information what was the problem. So, yeah...


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@toshocorp that is a pretty new phone. Take it back and have it fixed under warranty. There is no way you should have any issues with it yet. It will not get better with time.

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