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Is lightning port replaceable?

My lightning port has apparently shorted out and now is non-functional, probably due to exposure to rain or some such mishap. As I understand it from the teardowns, this particular component is not easily replaced, but my question is, where does one get parts to try? Or am I being overly optimistic and should instead seek out a repair shop?

P.S. I've examined the contacts in the port and two of the metal strips are pretty much gone.

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Soldered on parts are replaceable, some easier than others this is a more difficult part to take off without the risk of damage. But that’s not the hardest, finding these custom parts is not easy! See if you can find a parts system which you can salvage the part.

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The trouble with trying to salvage a part of this type is that this is the one of the parts that has failed on previous hardware of this type I've owned in the past. The lightning is an interesting low-profile connector, but I've gone through at least a dozen cables due to arcing across adjacent connection "bars".

I was hoping someone who has worked through any of this stuff, like replacing an antenna, or screen, or earphone port, as well as this particular bit, might have a source for parts that they trust.


@farleykj - I still have mine😎 still using the original port.

But I’ve had a few come in which needed parts. The trick is not getting junk into the socket. I know easier to say than do! Even the USB-C port has the same problem!

It still comes down to the issue of sex! One side is always the male and the other the female. The only hermaphrodite connector I know that was used in computers was the IBM Token-Ring connector with Type 1 cabling. These were a bear to install and big!


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