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{A1989 / EMC3214} — Sorti en juillet 2018, le MacBook Pro 13" contient des processeurs quad-core i5 et i7 et une carte graphique intégrée Intel Iris Plus.

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CPU fried, can't acces ssd

A couple of weeks ago, began to smoke as I plugged in a faulty adapter.
I don't want it fixed as I've been made very clear that that's not worth the money, but I want to recover my data. (2 years of music production)
As the ssd is embedded on the logic board this is a hard task, I've contacted a lot of services already and a lot of people already worked on it, but no succes.
The CPU overheats and is broken and with the logic board as the only way to read the chip it seems that I'm all out of options... can somebody please help me?

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Because sadly,I don’t have the proper tools and knowledge. I would love to find someone who can fix this or can help me fix it myself


@casvandecruys what country are you in


I live in Belgium


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Sadly, you need a certain amount of a working system to gain access to the Flash chips data!

While I understand your frustration, you will need to get it partially fixed at least long enough to pull your stuff off.

This series encrypts the data on the fly so unless you have the needed pieces working within the logic board there is no hope of pulling the data.

So you need to ask your self how valuable is the data? Not the worth of the system!

There are a few people with the needed skills to patch the system together, but I would need to know where you live (country and nearest major city) then we can try to find someone who can help you.

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I’m in Belgium I can easily go to Antwerp or Brussels!

It would be amazing to find one of the few people that can fix it!

I’m curious for the quote


@casvandecruys - Sorry for the wait, I personally don’t know anyone in Belgium, the best I can aim you to is TheBookYard in the UK. See if they can aim you to someone TheBookYard - Contact info they also repair.


Hi Dan

Thanks a lot for your help!

I will contact them right away!


@casvandecruys - Do let us know how it goes.


HI Dan

The Bookyard said there was nothing they could do, they don't do memory retrieval and think it's very hard to replace the cpu.

Do you have another option?


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Hello, this MacBook have intel cpu, thats mean the cpu can be also changed, is not bind with other components like ipads, iphones or M1 devices. But to read data is only way to make this laptop working. Also when you take the nand chip to Programmer data will be not possible open becouse is encrypt.

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So you say the the only fix is replace the cpu and then it would be possible to retrieve the data?

I would love to find services that can do this in Europe!


I mean when the cpu is need to be replace is possible, also some power supplies for the cpu can be KO, but its also possible to replace. Depend how many components is dead. When is too much dead then is better make swap. Its mean také important components for unlock the data and solder on working board. For data unlock must working T2 chip, nand chips, eprom and maybe wifi chip. When is all this chips work can be soldered on another board, this will solve the data.



Can you find somebody that provides this service? Do you know a company near belgium?


@casvandecruys I'd contact these people as well as See if they can help you. They are known to the European community and hopefully they can guide you a bit better.

Maybe @vojtech59738 can help you out further.


Sadly i dont have infrared solder station, only hot air. This cpu is allready big.


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