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General Motors' GMT400 platform.

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Suburban and Tahoe rear end compatibility

I’d like to know if the rear end of an 04 suburban (4x4) is compatible with a 96 Tahoe (also 4x4).

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@jonathancody163 looks like the the Suburban rear end is compatible with 2000-2005 Yukon, and Tahoe truck. Prior to 1997 the Tahoe used a 8.5"rear end and 8.6 from 98-08. Also, you will need to make sure you have the matching gear ratio etc.

Best thing to do, is always to get in touch with a good "recycler" (junkyard during my wrenching times) and talk to those guys. They have something like the Hollander interchange manual and can give you a definite yes or no. They are the subject matter experts

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While I'm not 100% aware of all of the interchanges you can get away with I've been around the GMT series a few times so I'm not a stranger to it, but I'm not exact on everything. Before 2007 when GM suddenly gave a crap about NHTSA crash testing (and before they added all of the emissions garbage you know where I think it should be because it's worse then what it "fixes"), you could interchange a lot of parts. Generally, my findings are if the bolts line up, it probably works. GMT800 and older tend to be "parts bin" body on frame designs.

I would rather spend a weekend rebuilding the trans on a 2006 Silverado (while the engine is out, install LS3 heads, lifters, camshaft and a DOD disabled tune if it has that "feature") and have 250k miles on the chassis and original engine than deal with 2007+. I will run that truck until it has 500k miles and dies on the side of the road and people look at me funny. It may cost more then buying another copy on the market but I know that the rebuilt trans DoD deleted 2006 Silverado will be far better and I know it's been gone over.


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