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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du smartphone Android Samsung Galaxy S21, annoncé et sorti en janvier 2021.

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S21 suddenly stops working

So this morning, I woke up and checked my phone for any messages. My phone was working fine then. I placed the phone on my table upside down and went to use my pc. I heard the phone vibrate as my mom called me, but when I picked it up the screen was just black.

After the missed call, I tried pressing the power button, volume buttons, tapping the screen, and nothing happened. I asked my mom to call me again, and the phone vibrated normally, but the screen did not turn on. I force restarted my phone by holding the power and volume down buttons for 7 seconds, and I felt my phone vibrate. I waited for a little bit, but now it seems that the phone just won't turn on at all. No charging symbol, my pc doesn't detect it, and calls get forwarded.

The phone was working perfectly fine before the first call, and there were no signs of any problems with the phone, I've dropped it a couple of times, never spilled anything on it or dropped it in water. Had the phone for 2 years.

Update: The phone powered on, but screen is still black. Does this call for a screen replacement? I just don't get how it just suddenly stops working minutes after I used it

Update #2: I'm able to control the phone and see the screen with the phone link app on my pc. My phone failed the proximity and face recognition tests.

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Please my problem is that my phone screen can go off and turn off while is full charged the screen can't stay long @wisdomtogbe


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Hi @wisdomtogbe

It could be that the battery has failed or that the there's a problem with the USB charge port board so that the battery can't be charged and as become depleted and the phone cannot be connected to a computer etc.

Here is a composite image from the troubleshooting guide from the service manual that may help. There are also images in the guide which show the location of the parts mentioned in the flowchart.

They show the path to follow to test if all is OK or not

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(click on image)

Here's the ifixit Samsung Galaxy S21 5G guide that will help you to access the components in the phone.

If you find this a bit daunting, contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote to repair the phone.

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It doesn't seem to be a battery problem. The phone charges fine. Please look at the post, I've updated it.



You initially said that "...the phone just won't turn on at all. No charging symbol, my pc doesn't detect it, and calls get forwarded." so that's why I answered as I did.

Now it does it seems except without a display.

Can you receive calls OK even though you can't answer them or do they still get forwarded?

If everything works except the display then it could be the display - loose flex cable connection perhaps.

Use the ifixit guide to replace the screen so that you can check the connection.

If it appears to be OK then go to p.19 of 67 in the troubleshooting guide to find out if the problem is in the display or the systemboard.


@jayeff yeah sorry I should've made sure of everything before posting. I can receive calls. It's possible for the connection to just become loose? Like I don't get how the screen would just suddenly stop working



You said that you dropped it a couple of times so it's possible that something has become loose and eventually it finally gave way.

Phones are still reasonably fragile devices when you think about it.

You won't really know until it has been opened and checked


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