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The Infinix Hot 10i is an entry level smartphone with a 6.52 screen and a 6000 mAh battery released May, 2021.

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Why is my phone show earmark?

My phone is with out plugging earphone it show earphone earmark

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Hi @ahsan5424

Seems as though there may be a problem with the earphone jack in the phone.

Usually with most earphone jacks, there's a switch inside the jack itself and when a cable plug is inserted it operates to send a signal to the audio controller to switch the audio away from the main speakers and onto the earphones. This also causes the earphone connected icon to appear on the screen

Try reinserting the earplug cable plug into the jack and then whilst holding the phone firmly, very gently move the plug from side to side and up and down a few times and then remove/insert it from the jack a few times and check if the icon disappears from the screen.

If still no good then the earphone jack may have to be replaced.

The earphone jack is mounted on the charge port board, so it may be easier to replace the board than trying to find a compatible earphone jack socket.

Here's a video that may help.

Search online for Infinix Hot 10i charge port board to find suppliers that suit you best.

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