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Released in May of 2020, Model Numbers: SM-A217F/DS (Global), SM-A217F/DSN (Russia), Processor: Exynos 850, 3GB/4GB RAM, 6,5" inches display, 5000 mAh battery with 15W fast charging and USB type C.

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Why I cant use otg cable to transfer files to pc?

I cant transfer files or anything from my phone to pc via usb it is not even recogonising it but it shows suddently when im connectinv a pendrive to it via usb it happens only when i connect to pc.

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Go into settings then at the bottom about phone. Find software information, Look in there for ‘build number’ then keep tapping the words build number until the phone says ‘you are now a developer’. Go back then into developer settings then scroll down to ‘usb debugging’ and enable it. Once enabled go back to the main screen then try connecting to the computer again.

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Hi @midhunmn,

Have you tried a different known working compatible USB cable?

Have you proved that the PC'sUSB port works OK when you connect the pendrive to it?

It doesn't have to be an OTG cable when connecting to a PC but if you connect a pendrive to the phone it does, as the phone needs to supply power to the pendrive. The PC has its own power supply

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