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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du smartphone Android Nokia G22, sorti pour la première fois en mars 2023. Identifié par les numéros de modèle TA-1516 ou TA-1528.

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No Wi-Fi networks showing after about a day of use


after about a day of normal use, Wi-Fi networks stop showing. I can't find any. I try and enable Airplane mode, disable and enable Wi-Fi, but no success. I have to restart for networks to show up again.

Had the phone for about a month, and I think the problem came after updating to latest system version ... Android 12, Security update on 5th June 2023.

Any suggestions?

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Yes, you need to factory reset your phone, just add any important pics or contacts ect. To your email account to be saved first.. somewhere in update or possibly on accident the wifi Manger software has gotten deleted.

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Hello Chris,

thank you for your answer. Since I'm not super proficient in Android and I was wondering if there is a way to confirm that missing Wi-Fi manager software is at the root of this cause?

I can manually add and remove Wi-Fi networks, QR code scan and add also works. Hotspot also works as it should when I turn it on. Only the issue is the randomness of when the Wi-Fi goes dark.

I'm asking this, because it's quite a hassle to do a factory reset, and not being really sure, that this will eventually solve the issue.




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