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Capacitor broke yet laptop still works should I still get it fixed?

Block Image

Block Image

I accidently broke a capacitor when I was cleaning the fans, is it fine or should I get it fixed?

If so where can I get a replacement part?

If you need any additional information just ask and I will try my best to find it.

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Hi @sam00150921

The component was put there for a reason so it may be best to replace it. Manufacturers don't use more components than they have to.

It appears that the component has a board designation of SHL4??? perhaps but maybe not, (can't see all of it in the image you posted and it may not pertain to the component in question) and if the model number of the motherboard is an LCFC NM C921 Rev.1.0 (printed on motherboard) then here's a link where you can download the schematic for the motherboard. Click on Go to link

Once you've downloaded it, find the component ID in the schematic and it will have the type of component and value etc information.

Then search online for the component information shown. You could try or as well.

If the motherboard is a different model number search online for (insert model number) schematic to hopefully find a free download.

Note: Unless the component has a board designation of C next to it, it isn't a capacitor.

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@sam00150921 besides the great answer you already received, you also want to repost your image. In order for us to identify components, it is vital to have a well focused image and large enough that it can be zoomed into. Right now it's all a bit, well,fuzzy.

Anyhow, the component is a capacitor. It is reference designator PC110 which is a 10µF 25 V capacitor in a 0805 package. It is part of your battery power circuit. Anyone of these will work. You can get them pretty much anywhere you can purchase passive components.

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