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Model # (also its "name") LML212VL Issued 2016/2017 w/Android 8.1.0 (Oreo)

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bottom of screen only starting to pop off fix

Hi My screen is starting to come off at the bottom only, can I glue it without taking it off?

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@tomgenn did the screen get replaced before? There should always be a reason why it comes off, which it shouldn't. I'd suggest that for now you investigate to see what's going on with it.


I believe it is starting to come off at the bottom only maybe from the heat. but can this make the

screen keep freezing off and on all the time? what can be done? Need to know how to glue it back in place its a tracfone lg rebel LML212VL ( maybe a video on gluing it?


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@tomgenn "screen keep freezing off and on all the time" a screen that comes loose would not do this. You got some other issues going on here. My concern is always a battery that is swelling up etc. Take a look on this one LG Rebel 4 LTE Disassembly You'll see that the LCD and the frame around it, make up the entire front. There is really not much that could be glued together, other than the LCD to the midframe. Here is a video for the LCD replacement See if that will help you out more. A replacement screen is not to expensive and will safe your phone from any further damage.

I am as frugal as can be and dread spending money, but sometimes it is the only way to keep things functioning.

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Thank you for the links but it seems like an awful lot just to take off the front screen. my is already popping off at bottom, it seems to be I can just glue under the part that is coming off, then keep it pressed until it sticks?


@tomgenn I mean at this point you can give it a try. Just do NOT use stuff like crazy glue or similar. Get a small tube of B-6000 and apply that sparingly.


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