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Guides and repair information for the LG Aristo, also known by the model numbers LGMS210 or MS210. It was released in January 2017.

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How do I increase storage capacity?

My storage capacity on my LG-M210 is almost full at 13.92 GB used out of 16.00 available. I've deleted all photos, music, all unused apps. How can I determine what else to delete?

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Hi @johncooper21214

The phone supports a micro SD card up to 32GB.

Perhaps you could insert a card with the capacity of your choice and free up some space in the internal storage by transferring some data from the internal memory to the SD card.

Here's the user manual for the phone. Go to p.15 to view how to install the micro SD card

With most Android phones after Android 6.0 you can also format the SD card as internal storage, but looking at the user guide for your model this option doesn't appear to be there. Go to Settings > Storage > SD card and check what options show in your phone.

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