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The Dodge Avenger name returned in February 2007 as a 2008 model year sedan to replace the Dodge Stratus, whose coupe version had replaced the original Avenger in 2001.

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Camshaft and crankshaft sensor location

I can't find the camshaft sensor or the crankshaft position sensor on my 2010 dodge avenger 3.5l v6. Haven't been able to find videos on this specific one either.

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Hi @chaserunyan

Here's a composite image from the 3.5L engine section of the 2008-2010 Dodge Avenger repair manual, showing the location of the sensors.

Block Image

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Update (08/22/23)

Hi @chaserunyan

Maybe check the wiring from the sensor back to the power train control module (PCM), especially the blue/grey wire

Here's the wiring diagram

Block Image

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I switched out both sensors and my car is still popping codes for the camshaft sensor not really sure where to go from here. Like what to check next.


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