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A 6'' 1080p budget phablet available through T-Mobile and manufactured by Coolpad. Model number C3701A. It was released in August 2017.

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Package installer not working!?

I try to download apps for free via downloading apks off of the Internet ik how and where to do so safely but this is the first phone to give me issues I've updated it restarted it and wiped the data and cache of my package installer and I still can't install anything that isn't from Google Play store....anyone else have this issue???

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Hi @luis24867

Did you enable the Install Unknown Apps setting?

Not sure if it is the same with your model but with a REVVL Pro 6 it is located in Settings > Apps > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps.

Worth a check maybe.

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@jayeff yes I have thank you for such a speedy answer , and yet I'm still having issues. I'm going to try clearing package installer data and cache again a reboot hasn't helped


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