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Touch screen not working after dropping (even after replacement)

Hello, so recently I bought an iPhone X for really cheap second hand as it had a broken screen. The seller said the screen had a vertical line throught it (it did) and that the touch did not work after he dropped it once. I bought it, replaced the screen and the touch is still not working, even on the new screen. I tried reseating the digitizer cable a million times with no luck. I suspect this might be a logic board issue, and that is what I am most afraid of. Contemplating whether to replace the whole logic board (150€, lose TrueTone and battery health reporting, rendering the device worthless on the resale market) or maybe try fixing the motherboard somehow - I have no capacity for that, so I would need to take it to a repair shop.

Please enlighten me on whether this really is a logic board issue and God bless in advance.

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iPhone X models commonly had this issue with touch after falls - yes its a logic board issue. It isn't worth getting a new logic board (that is the whole device), and its best to just sell off the logic board as non icloud but for parts, and to use the rest of the device as for parts.

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