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The MCH-108 Digital Multimeter is sold by iFixit.

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What is the accuracy of the device?

Hey all!
I've been eyeing the market for a digital multimeter and I'm definitely interested in this model, but unfortunately there aren't any technical specifications listed on the store page for the product. I just wanted to know if anyone knew what the accuracy of this model is? (i.e. To how many decimal places can this model measure confidently)

Thank you for your help!

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@star75733 The MCH-108 is a USD$20 multimeter. A meter like the MCH-108 will work well enough for basic operations like resistance, current, DC voltage and AC voltage. Tell us how many decimal points you need in your measurements and we might just find you the right one.

For any further information, I suggest you contact iFixit directly via email and see what they can tell you.

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Hey I appreciate your response!

I think 5 decimal points would be more than sufficient although I could live with 4. Thank you again for your reply!


@star75733 just out of curiosity, what do you measure that requires 4 decimal places?


To make what would probably be a longish story short, I am assisting in university research lab that is synthesizing and testing various materials for use as electrodes in electrochemical cells and I've been wanting to take some samples home to tinker with them you could say.

The equipment at the University is excellent, but alas I personally don't have have much equipment, so I just want something that will produce measurements with some degree of accuracy in line with the data from the lab.

Since I've never bought this kind of equipment before though I'm just looking for some guidance to get a decent product for a reasonable price.


@star75733 ok, got it. Great choice. Again, the iFixit staff can most certainly provide the biggest help on this! Good luck with your tinkering and your research!


As an electrician I would say that a new multimeter should always be measured beside one that does what you want. The digital ones have adjustments inside that allow you to calibrate them.


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Inside the back cover onec you've removed it you should see a potenmeter use a plastic screwdriver. Test and adjust , test and adjust beside a meter you know to be calibrated or test something that you know the exact value of and see what yuh need to do.

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