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The HP Compaq 8200 Elite is a small form-factor workstation-class desktop PC aimed at higher-end office and design work. It has a fairly repairable design with emphasis on allowing technicians to quickly swap out drives and cards.

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1720-smart hard drive detects imminient failure drive replacement reco

My pc is not turing on showing error that hdd replacement is recommended

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Hi @armanmohd

I suggest that you backup the failing drive to an external drive before the drive fails completely.

If the drive that is failing is the C: drive perhaps create a system image that way when you get a replacement drive you can load it with the system image from the external backup and it will be a seamless replacement.

Here's the maintenance and service guide for the PC. Go to p.179 to view the procedure to replace the drive.

If you wish to improve the performance of the PC perhaps replace the HDD with an SSD and also upgrade the memory.

Here's a link to a supplier that is useful.

It shows what SSDs and memory options are compatible with the PC.

You don't have to use the supplier, just use the information that they have regarding the components and use that to search for suppliers that suit you best.

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