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Processeur quad-core Intel Core i7 à 2,2 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,4 GHz), 2,5 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 3,7 GHz), ou 2,8 GHz (Turbo Boost jusqu'à 4,0 GHz) avec 6Mo de cache L3 partagé.

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Fan is very loud after turning on, what could be wrong?

The loud is very loud on my MacBook Pro 15” 2015 model, I did the following tests:

  1. Run apple self diagnostics program and returns no errors.
  2. Open the back cover, it wasn’t dusty, fan and other components look fine physically.

I have it to use fancontrol app to make it quiet.

Any thoughts what could be wrong?


Update (08/30/23)

Block Image

Here is the screenshot from coconutbattery, does it look good or shows problems?

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I would install CoconutBattery as it should help you see what the battery sensors are doing as that could be the issue. Post a snapshot here so we to can see whats happening.

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@Dan - Hi Dan, that might be the reason as the existing battery is getting “swollen”, and I’m planning to replace it soon. So, will the condition of battery sensor affect fan speed?



@lovecd - SMC accesses the sensors within the battery so a dying battery could be the cause if it looks puffy! I would need to see what CoconutBattery shows.


@Dan - sure, I will post a picture as soon as I’m home tonight. Thanks Dan!


@danj - Hello, just post the screenshot from coconutbattery app. Any thoughts?


@lovecd - Well… while the cycle count is low and the Design Cap is still not bad the age of the battery is seven years! So it’s served you well. It’s time to replace.

But I don’t see the root issue of your problem. Time to check the thermals using TG Pro which is one of the best thermal monitoring apps. Let’s see what it tells us you do want the full version.


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