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Could ghost touch be attributed to a faulty battery?

iPhone X is functioning on its own. Is ghost touch a faulty screen / digitizer problem or can it be related to an old battery?

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Yeah, that sounds like it's either a screen problem, or maybe water damage. However, you might as well check your battery's health (Settings --> Battery --> Battery Health) because if you're gonna open up your phone to replace the screen, that would be a good time to replace your battery if necessary.

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Ok, thank you. My friend contacted Apple and they said battery, but I felt it would be screen. Thanks for the feedback.


@chadwhick7 I don't know who your friend talked to at Apple, but they were feeding them some grade-A BS. There is nothing in the battery that has any kind of direct connection or effect on the touch screen/digitizer.

100% that's a screen problem and needs a replacement.


@dadibrokeit yeah, that was my feeling too after reading about it online. It kind of sucks getting that kind of info second hand. I ordered a screen and battery and figured the battery is probably old anyhow.


@chadwhick7 Sounds like a good plan. You're absolutely right about the age of the battery; as long as you're going to have it open anyway you might as well put a new battery in as well; that'll give you some extra time before you have to open it up again.


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