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Laptop blutooth hardware is not working

Bluetooth hardware is not working/ windows can't detect Bluetooth

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You don't say what you have tried.

Is it turned on in the BIOS?

Does anything show up at all in Device manager (devmgmt.msc)?


I know it sounds stupid but sometimes when you turn off wireless (go into airplane mode) it turns off bluetooth aswell. Did you check controll panel? At least if nothing helps you can flip your laptop and unscrew the lid in the bottom. Take out bluetooth adapter and search for same or compatible on internet, buy it and replace. Id takes almost no knowledge and i think it wouldnt be issue for you.


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Hi @parthkande

If the Bluetooth adapter is not showing as listed in Device Manager (did you check View > Show hidden devices or Other Devices category if there?) then it may be a faulty Bluetooth card in the laptop or and I'm not sure if this is correct, there may be a BIOS setting that can enable/disable the BT adapter. Check if there is a BT setting in BIOS and if there is, make sure that it is enabled.

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Go to p.106 to view the procedure to remove/replace the BT card.

On p.195-p.196 you will find the part number (FRU number) for the two types of card used depending on the version of the laptop (check the product label on the bottom of the laptop to find out what the version number is for your model).

If you determine that it may be a faulty BT card, search online using the FRU number only to find suppliers

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