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The Samsung Galaxy A10e is a lower-mid range Android device released by Samsung in February 2019. Identifiable by model numbers SM-A102(U, U1, W, or DL).

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annnddd its a punctured battery!

Kinda a dumb question, but i dont want to set my house on fire lol

Basically, the screen is being pushed out of the phone, but the case is also bending, like as if someone had tried to get into the phone, rather than the battery swelling.

won this in a lot, so i have no clue what happened to it, but the screen is shattered on the upper half and the sim card slot on the case is collapsing which is making me think this could have been a failed attempt at replacing a screen..?

Block Image

Block Image


well i opened up the phone and found this:

Block Image

and there is not guide how to safely remove this battery yet, so i have actually no clue how to safely remove this battery.

thanks for any help <3

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@timtomissus the removal of the battery works the same way. I know you know how to but just in case, here is a video to remind you. I prefer to remove those batteries in a well ventilated area (that stuff does stink something fierce, if it does open up) and have a small metal container of sand handy. Just in case the battery should "vent with flame" which has not yet happened to me (Lithium and Water don't mix ;-). Just use common sense and don't poke holes in it on purpose. It's not quite like ordnance disposal ;-)

As for the other damaged parts, just that could come from some failed repair attempt but we would need to see what that all looks like.

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the sim card holder is missing, the daughter board flex is damaged, and the screen is damaged, but it seems fine other than that :)

although i will note the battery was disconnected when i opened up the phone, which is a bit weird as they should have just removed the entire battery if the managed to get that far..


@timtomissus dang. Sounds like somebody that's all thumbs was working on it.


@oldturkey03 anddd another one it this lot also has a hidden punctured batt :/


@timtomissus that sounds like fun. Hopefully it was not to expensive. Enough of the same model for you to build one good one?


@oldturkey03 yeah, all I need is a new screen and a batt and I should have a good one :)

and I cant get the logic board out of the frame though :(


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