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Screen display dark while calling

Screen showing dark display while calling

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I also had that but that was because it was old, so i am afraid you can't fix it... sorry!


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Hi @nathnaelmeride

Check if the proximity sensor is OK

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ok it is not working how do i fix that



Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be one guaranteed fix for this problem as there seem to be a lot of different things that have fixed it for people having the same problem

It could range from having to remove a screen protector if there is one, performing a factory restore in case it was a software glitch (backup your personal data etc first before you reset and also know your Google account user ID and password to access the phone again after if you do), to having to replace the screen in the phone if it is a hardware problem.

Search online for Moto E20 proximity sensor issue and maybe try a few of the solutions. Initially at least the ones that don't involve opening the phone.


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