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A wireless noise cancelling headphone manufactured by Jabra in 2019, P/N: 100-99030000-02.

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Why is audio from my 3.5mm jack cutting in and out on my left speaker?

Over the last few years of using this pair of headphones (which i love), i've noticed that the wired connection i usually use has started to fail, noticably in the left speaker. I have no issues with bluetooth playback and have ruled out the possibility of a broken speaker. The 3.5mm cable I use functions perfectly with other devices so my next logical thought was the 3.5mm adapter on the right headphone. Is there any documented issues with this part of the headphones and are there any quick fixes i can do to get the jack working again?

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An extra note: I am able to get audio functioning again if i apply pressure to my audio cable. I'm assuming that this is bending the male jack enough to make contact with the female side of the adapter but i'm still uncertain.


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This is a fairly common issue with 3.5 mm type jacks in headphones. Your assessment sounds bang on. More than likely there is wear on the port, and the pin that carries signal for the left earphone isn't always waking contact. Either inside the jack, or where the jack connects to a board, or pigtail. Likely you'll have to get the headphones open to take a look at the very least, but it sounds like a replacement jack will be necessary.

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Should i be able to find a part number for replacement on the inside or does that matter much? I would assume any random connector won't do, especially because of the size restrictions of the headphones


@seamusmullan That's an excellent question. Jabra may have specific replacement components, but depending on exactly what's gone wrong a universal may work. It also looks like the charge port and the headphone jack are part of a module board on these, so you may be able to replace the whole board if you can find one (that will be the hard part since I don't believe jabra provides these).

I would take a look at the Jabra Elite 85h Bluetooth Module Replacement guide for some clues. As long as the replacement jack fits in your housing you can probably make it work, but alignment on the board could be inexact. You'll also need some soldering skills to perform the repair, but this one isn't too difficult even for a beginner.


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