Phone continually rebooting after screen/battery replacement


iPhone is unstable and will repeatedly reboot. Once connected to any device (wifi or bluetooth) it will reboot. It will also shut down when connected to a charger. Sometimes the screen will turn on but look like old tv's did that did not have an antenna signal. The Ifixit battery cable was not identical to the oem in that it would not reach in a manner that would allow connection. It had to be pulled and contorted in a way that could be the issue. Anyone else experiencing this or have any feedback on what would cause these symptoms.

<edit - adding log screenshot and photos of battery cable>

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

I tried switching back to original battery and there was no change. I’m wondering if I damaged the female connection on board for battery when trying to align it before I contorted cable.

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I would be curious to see if any panic logs are generated. Have a look at the iPhone Kernel panics page to find them. Add a screenshot of the first page of text (or copy paste if that's easier) to your post.

Also, contorted in what way? Some pictures of how it was connected could help.


Hi Alisha,

Thanks for your response. Please see edit above. The cable had to be bent in a way to get the connector aligned with female connection, so it kind of has an additional u shape. My phone is unbearable at this point and I’m at a work conference for a few days which makes my situation even worse. It stays on when not in use, but as soon as I start using an app, it reboots. Anything you see in log that jumps out? None of it makes any sense to me.


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