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Informations sur la réparation et le démontage du Pixel 7 Pro de Google, sorti en octobre 2022. Identifiable aux numéros de modèle GP4BC et GE2AE.

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Forgot blue film inside after screen assembly

Hi, I'm a stupid person who should've probably not tried to have repaired my own relatively new pixel 7 pro. I failed reassembly once by putting the glue on a part of the screen I forgot to remove. Had to wait an extra week for new glue for my new screen and after a nerve wrecking time attempting reassembly for the second time, I messed up again. I just woke up with memory flashbacks of me keeping one of the blue films on the inside of the screen, to temporarily protect it while reconnecting the screen cable. In my enthousiasm I just closed the phone up without removing it.

Do I have to worry? Can this melt and mess up the entire inside of my phone?

I'm terrified of reopening the phone as I don't wanna destroy this screen too.

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You need to take it back apart, remove the film and reassemble because most likely your touch will not work.

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My touch works fine. Everything works fine. I'm just worried for the inside of the phone to get hot enough that the plastic will melt or something.


That could possibly be one the case. If it were me I think I would take the phone apart and take it out.


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