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Repair and additional information for the GE DFE28JMK**** refrigerator, a bottom-mounted freezer model with French doors, an automatic ice maker, and a built-in anti-sweat heater switch. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern DFE28JMK****.

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My GE dfe28jmkles door dispenser is possessed

Hi, I have a GE dfe28jmkles.   It has been having periodic issues that have increased over the last couple of months.  I have tried multiple 'reset' fixes I have found (unplugging/waiting and holding the lock & light for 10 seconds) and neither have worked.   This issues were intermittent until yesterday, as follows:

First: it has periodically changed it's own dispenser settings.  I would hear the beep sound it makes when changing and it will have gone from water, to ice, to sensor, etc...

Second:  It started turning on and off the ice maker through the door setting.

Third: It rarely went to sensor setting and started dispensing water on it's own....  all over the place.

Fourth: As of yesterday, the interior lights went out and the door dispenser does not respond to any pressure on the bar in back to trigger the water and ice action (It DOES still light up on door dispenser and I can change from one item to another but nothing happens when the trigger bar is pushed).      As of this morning, the interior lights come on 'sometimes' but the door dispenser has not responded to action since yesterday.

Due to the price of components, I would LOVE to have another 'fix attempts' that I can try but if a component does need to be replaced; I am hoping to get better information on which one so I don't spend for the wrong parts because I don't have any knowledge beyond my internet research abilities.

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Hi @triciagalex

I realize that you have tried, unsuccessfully, to reset the the dispenser board or even the refrigerator but here's some information that may help.

Here's is the mini manual for your refrigerator model.

Enter the diagnostic test mode as shown in the manual and then exit it by selecting test mode 00 16 or simply exit the test mode by power cycling the refrigerator i.e. turn power off, wait ~1 minute and then turn it on again. This resets all the boards in the refrigerator.

If the dispenser is still no good, use the diagnostic tests to check for any fault codes stored (00 00) or to check the dispenser version test (00 18) to see if the dispenser control board (part #193 dispenser door diagram) is communicating OK with control board or the dispenser self test (00 02).

If still no indication of what is wrong run all the tests pertaining to the dispenser functions to hopefully find out what's happening.

If you do find a faulty part use the parts supplier's website to locate the part in the parts diagrams to find the part number for the part. Once you know the part number, search online using the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

You may want to have some towels and containers handy if the dispenser functions are still the same as you have described, when doing the tests ;-)

Hopefully a start to finding out what's wrong.

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I will go try all of this right now. Regardless of the results, THANK YOU so very much for taking the time to provide such wonderful and detailed answer. THIS is exactly what I was hoping that someone with knowledge could provide me. If I have to buy parts and make repairs, I am perfectly ok with that. I am just so naive in this area that I didn't want to spend frivolous money because I was just 'eduguessing'. ;) THANK YOU!!!


ok, ran all kinds of stuff and even took videos so I could look back at my information. My 'codes' don't seem to match the manual information.

For example: when I run the

"door board version test" (0017).. I get 26 12

"dispenser version test" (0018)... I get 81 17

"main board version test" (0023)... I get 04 75

When I ran the fault code one (0000)... I did get 00 10... and then it changed to 00 1'bottom half of zero, like small '0'....... then it showed 99 9looks like a 'd'... then it went back to the first code of 00 10

I could find 00 10 as an ice maker thing but of course that doesn't fit my issue and none of those other 'codes' are options in the manual. ;(

Either I am doing something wrong (I even watched videos after I tried the first time and didn't get any decent results. I have tried multiple times since).

Does it sound like I am missing a step or something? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



The first 3 - board version test may be OK as it may simply be stating the software version used on the particular board. It may be a code but the manual doesn't show how to interpret it.

I guess the main thing is that you got a result on the board version test rather than all zeroes or perhaps dashes which would indicate a problem.

The stored fault code for the ice maker may be an additional problem which is being masked by the dispenser problem so it wouldn't hurt to test the thermistor (if you have an Ohmmeter - do this with the power turned off.

See p.3 ice box thermistor connection location door board J5 connector pins 3 & 4. Unplug the cable and measure directly across the cable plug pins. Unfortunately I don't know what resistance value it should be - it varies with temperature, but it shouldn't test open circuit i.e. infinite Ohms.

Did you try running the dispenser self test mode 00 02 and any other individual dispenser tests e.g. 00 78 → 00 81? Although any failure codes for the dispenser should have been in the 05 xx or possibly the 07 xx series fault codes


I just ran the 00 02 and it lit up all the lights on the door panel but never changed after that. I had to use the 3 buttons to get back into diagnostic mode to get it out of the 'lit up' mode it was in when I started the 00 02 test.

I did 78-81 and it displayed 00 on all except 80, which is showed 01 (but I don't have a water heater feature on my refrigerator..... sooooo)



Did it light up any segments in the display?

Not sure where this means when it says that the test "Turns on all LEDs and 7 Segments on the Dispenser board for testing"

Although 00 02 light segments none have all 7 segments lit that would be a digit of 8 so maybe 88 88 or similar

Sounds like the dispenser control board may be the problem but now I'm "eduguessing" ;-)

The board is a bit expensive to replace on a guess unless you can find a supplier who offers refunds with only a minimal restocking fee.

You may have to call a professional GE repairer to have a look


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