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The HP Compaq 8200 Elite is a small form-factor workstation-class desktop PC aimed at higher-end office and design work. It has a fairly repairable design with emphasis on allowing technicians to quickly swap out drives and cards.

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How do I plug in power to 1660?

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Hi @chase757,

First check what the wattage is of the PSU in the desktop.

I may be wrong but looking online it appears to be 320W.

The specs for a Geforce1660 require a minimum 450W PSU to work effectively. The PSU also needs to have a supplementary 8 pin power lead as well to plug into the card.

Also the PSU's for HP sff desktops are proprietorial so you just can't drop in a bigger replacement standard ATX type PSU.

Here's a link that may be of interest regarding this problem of replacing the PSU and having the necessary adapter cable to suit the motherboard and the GPU card

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Yup your right I was just trying an experiment and it seems that a new psu may be the way to go for this one.

I have a question, could a seperate small power supply be used just for the gpu instead of buying a psu for the entire rig?



You could always try.

The GPU card would receive a maximum of ~70W from the PCI slot as this is all they are designed to provide.

That is why the card needs the extra power input.

I'm not sure if they mention it in the documentation that comes with the card how much power it actually needs/uses as on the website they only ever mention the PSU requirements but this would include everything else associated with the motherboard as well

Knowing the actual max power usage of the card would help to know what PSU would be required for the card only.

Depending on what you were planning to do with the PC bear in mind that you will be limited by the CPU and the chipset on the motherboard as to what you could achieve by having the GPU card installed.

For example, here's a link that shows how the CPU would perform if you tried using it for gaming, even if you also had the max. 32GB ram.


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